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Province of Namur – September 2018

In this magnificent estate, we have created a more intimate garden around this family home. It was necessary to give a little privacy without breaking with the beautiful whole area. A beautiful wooden terrace, arches, gravel driveways traced by metal borders, many different species of plants for hedges and flower beds. The light has not been forgotten, to highlight the different sets of plantations. Three spaces of vegetable gardens increase the impression of intimacy.

Walloon Brabant – May 2018

In this residence, each owner has his garden, and each owner wishes to personalize it by respecting the general norms of the residence. We traced large beds while leaving a piece of gravel traced by metal borders. The front and back of the garden have been connected by a driveway in large shale slabs on the side of the house.

Brussels – April 2018

This 1970s Brussels building includes a large garden in the back, for the use of the occupants on the ground floor. A first part covers the underground parking, and a second part further down in the ground to the other gardens of the neighborhood, which together form a very bucolic valley. The view is absolutely splendid. So we worked hard to give a beautiful perspective to this garden to give an impression of great depth. In particular, it was necessary to raise the bottom of the ground to increase the space available. The other big challenge was to install a real garden on the slab of the car park. We had to drain, share the space between lawns, parterres and gravel parts, draw shapes in metal borders, install semi-underground bins, custom build a large steel tank corten also semi-buried a single room on fifteen meters to install a separation hedge, install a kitchen garden, dress a large earth support wall, install the lighting, propose a plan of pruning large trees to give them a sense ...

Garden works

We can realize the gardens we create, at the request of our customers. We have the skills to carry out all the work. The layout of a garden is often more than plantations or pruning. It may be necessary to prepare the ground by earthworks and drainage, to build a terrace, and paths - wood, Belgian bluestone or gravel, with metal or stone borders ... It is also necessary to provide lighting. and automatic watering in some cases. Other works may include a pond, a staircase, works of art.

Flemish Brabant – October 2017

To complete this terrace, the owners asked me to add compound plantations in a set of beautiful fixed and mobile bins that I chose with them. We have also created a vegetable charm!

Walloon Brabant – September 2017

This large space was a challenge because before planting, it was necessary to renovate the earth in depth to drain and restore all its qualities. It was also necessary to sow a real lawn ... We were then able to draw beds of grasses and perennials, to install compound hedges ... We drew a beautiful curved driveway - in gravel and metal border - and a bed of Hydrangea Annabelle that forms a beautiful square in front of the house.

Brussels – August 2017

We have completely renovated this space with a blue stone and gravel terrace, flowerbeds and trees all around. We brought the lighting, and integrated this pretty basin with fountain. We have not forgotten to repaint all the walls to increase the effect of light!

Brussels – May 2017

We realized this garden over two years, coordinating with the complete renovation of the house. The bottom of the garden has only been renovated, with a new lawn and a gravel circle installation with metal edging at the foot of this beautiful tree. Near the house, we added trees and raised the ground by half a meter to connect it to a new staircase. We have designed flower beds with custom shapes. We also laid a lawn in rolls. On the side of the street, we also laid a lawn in rolls and planted hedges, added flower beds along the driveway and set up a splendid magnolia ...

Brussels – April 2017

This garden was a dreadful wet plain surrounded by a huge embankment and giant hedges that were stoling 30 square meters to the owners! All this has been transformed into a series of planted terraces. The light effect is particularly appreciable! We also remodeled the field and put a lawn in rolls. A gravel area with metal borders hosts a bench, and a hammock in summer. Other flowerbeds and fruit trees surround the lawn.

Brussels – March 2017

The owner of this garden wanted above all to clear the garden. We laid a new lawn in rolls, laid out the bottom with a gravel space with metal edging, installed a wood shed and carved the two side hedges identically. We also drew space for flowerbeds that the owner planted later.