Brussel – May 2024

The owner of this house asked us to improve this fairly new garden, both to the front and to the rear. For the rear, we used metal edging to create flowerbeds all around the garden, but also close to the swimming pool, to integrate it better. We also placed two large Quercus suber trees in key locations to conceal the house behind the garden. For the front area, we redesigned the side paths, created flower beds, paved the car park and added Quercus ilex and a Magnolia Grandiflora to enhance the privacy of the area. We also covered the ground with covering plants and designed spaces around the shrubs with discreet metal borders.

Province of Liège – October 2023

This second home is located at the top of a hill and its terrain is very steep. The property has a beautiful park to the front, but no garden. We created one at the back to allow residents to enjoy the view, the sun and the privacy of the space. Euphorbias, geraniums, hollyhocks, sages, Buenos Aires verbena and Eucalyptus make up a plant envelope that goes well with the old style of the house. The gravel, well contained in metal borders, brightens the space without breaking with the overall style.

Walloon Brabant – June 2023

In this hamlet in Walloon Brabant, a new house, a steep slope down to a stream, a large undergrowth... We freshened up the undergrowth to give a view of the neighbouring meadow below and built a small staircase down to the stream. Then we reshaped the land near the house to create a vast flat space, a large circle bordered by flowerbeds. On the upper part, we inlaid a series of steel vegetable garden tubs to cover the slope.

Brussels – May 2023

In this typical Brussels city garden that we transformed, the shape of the flowerbeds could not be changed. We completely reorganised the planting, making it denser and more diverse. We added some verticality with beautiful Quercus ilex multitrunks and a Magnolia grandiflora, which have a beautiful graphic presence. We've created a space for small plants under the terrace overlooking the garden, and we've extended the staircase leading down from the terrace with a set of flagstones, like a horizontal staircase.

Walloon Brabant – September 2022

Over the years, this large garden has been built. It now takes on the appearance of a beautiful space that is both voluntary and lascivious. We first created mixed hedges all around the grounds, complemented by a group of trellised trees which itself turned into a colonnade to showcase a sculpture. We also dressed the base of certain hedges with a composition of lavender and rosebushes. We backed a tall rose hedge and changed the alignment to a wave. Finally, we drew other undulations at the bottom of the garden to enliven the space. To frame the gates that we had installed, we created several symmetrical parterres.

Walloon Brabant – August 2022

In this large park on the edge of the village, we have recreated the pond, renovating it, restoring its perspective and dressing it with a large circular flowerbed. We have also restored the beautiful flowerbeds created a long time ago on the other side of the manor by a landscaper colleague.

Brussels July 2022

For this small enclosed city garden, I created a secret place, which allows you to take advantage of all the space while leaving room for the plants.

Walloon Brabant – June 2022

On the occasion of the construction of an extension to the house, I designed this large garden, which makes a link between the house and a much larger landscape. The shapes and positioning must be precise and mastered. A gravel space with a stone terrace provides the transition with the meadow, which leads to the pond bordered by two cypresses and highlighted by three large rectangles of grasses.

Brussels – April 2022

For this city garden with a large blue stone pond and paved covering, we installed three flowerbeds and magnificent pots from Ateliers Vierkant, with attention to sobriety and detail. A multistem Quercus ilex contributes to this search for elegance.

Brussels – October 2021

We have redesigned the front garden of this house located on an embankment above the street: planting of five Gingko biloba, and covering and ornamental plants on the embankment, roses above the garage door, four Quercus ilex trellised on the side, low laurel hedges on the side but also in front of the house, flowerbeds at the bottom of the garden. It was a question of modernizing without calling into question the structure of this property of character.

Brussels – May 2021

For this city garden, we have completely redesigned and rebuilt the pond. We have also reorganised the plantations all around.

Brussels – April 2021

For this small city garden, we created the flower beds along the walls and renovated the lawn.

Brussels – June 2020

We have renovated the front garden of this house by creating flower beds all along the access, and by completely rebuilding the two access paths (pedestrian and car).

Brussels – February 2020

We designed the paths of this flower garden created and carefully maintained by a passionate expert. Some metal borders to draw the structure well and better understand the flowerbeds, a reconstructed passage in a circle to reinstall a bulky honeysuckle on one side, and a climbing rose on the other.

Province of Namur – September 2018

In this magnificent estate, we have created a more intimate garden around this family home. It was necessary to give a little privacy without breaking with the beautiful whole area. A beautiful wooden terrace, arches, gravel driveways traced by metal borders, many different species of plants for hedges and flower beds. The light has not been forgotten, to highlight the different sets of plantations. Three spaces of vegetable gardens increase the impression of intimacy.

Brussels – September 2019

In April 2018, we set up a large garden at the back of a building, which could have been enlarged in September 2019. We kept the style of the first while keeping a separation between them. One of the big challenges was to make a very large corten steel staircase on site, identical to a blue stone staircase already present. We also dressed a concrete low wall in steel ... The other big challenge was to plant a large hedge of Osmanthus with holly leaves, a persistent cloud-shaped species particularly suitable for preserving privacy by avoiding building hedges like walls.

Brussels – June 2019

This garden had one flaw: this rather ugly tree which blocked a magnificent view of a neighboring orchard ... After having removed it, we took the opportunity to renovate the terrace and add some plants.

Walloon Brabant – May 2018

In this residence, each owner has his garden, and each owner wishes to personalize it by respecting the general norms of the residence. We traced large beds while leaving a piece of gravel traced by metal borders. The front and back of the garden have been connected by a driveway in large shale slabs on the side of the house.

Brussels – April 2018

This garden was visited by participants of Garden Tales. This 1970s Brussels building includes a large garden in the back, for the use of the occupants on the ground floor. A first part covers the underground parking, and a second part further down in the ground to the other gardens of the neighborhood, which together form a very bucolic valley. The view is absolutely splendid. So we worked hard to give a beautiful perspective to this garden to give an impression of great depth. In particular, it was necessary to raise the bottom of the ground to increase the space available. The other big challenge was to install a real garden on the slab of the car park. We had to drain, share the space between lawns, parterres and gravel parts, draw shapes in metal borders, install semi-underground bins, custom build a large steel tank corten also semi-buried a single room on fifteen meters to install a separation hedge, install a kitchen garden, dress a large earth support wall, install the lighting, propose a plan of pruning large trees to give them a sense ...

Garden works

We can realize the gardens we create, at the request of our customers. We have the skills to carry out all the work. The layout of a garden is often more than plantations or pruning. It may be necessary to prepare the ground by earthworks and drainage, to build a terrace, and paths - wood, Belgian bluestone or gravel, with metal or stone borders ... It is also necessary to provide lighting. and automatic watering in some cases. Other works may include a pond, a staircase, works of art.

Flemish Brabant – October 2017

To complete this terrace, the owners asked me to add compound plantations in a set of beautiful fixed and mobile bins that I chose with them. We have also created a vegetable charm!

Walloon Brabant – September 2017

This large space was a challenge because before planting, it was necessary to renovate the earth in depth to drain and restore all its qualities. It was also necessary to sow a real lawn ... We were then able to draw beds of grasses and perennials, to install compound hedges ... We drew a beautiful curved driveway - in gravel and metal border - and a bed of Hydrangea Annabelle that forms a beautiful square in front of the house.

Brussels – August 2017

We have completely renovated this space with a blue stone and gravel terrace, flowerbeds and trees all around. We brought the lighting, and integrated this pretty basin with fountain. We have not forgotten to repaint all the walls to increase the effect of light! A mirror enlarges the space.

Clinique Saint Jean, Brussels

Nathalie Devallée was awarded the Jules Janlet Prize 2004 for this project. The management of the Clinique Saint-Jean opened in 2002 an extension boulevard du Botanique in Brussels around an outdoor patio on several floors. With its hotel-clinic concept, patient comfort must go beyond the purely medical dimension, and promote healing through a comforting environment.The patio is the gravitational center of the building, visible from visitors as of the reception, but also patients, on a half-dozen floors. It had to make sense from all angles, at man's height but also in a dive perspective.Our landscaping project had to be original, and we had carte blanche. So I let my heart speak and call on Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994), Brazilian landscape painter and botanist (Copacabana in Rio, new city of Brasilia, etc.).I visited his design office and his foundation in 1995. I wanted to pay homage to him by inspiring me of his graphic works, and by resorting to special species, medicinal.It had to be creative and efficient: the graphic dimension is on the upper parts of the patio, it hides the sealing installations and connects them visually to the lower parts.Since the patio space is not physically accessible, it had to be made attractive to the eye without creating frustration. I also connected the surface to the sky with specially designed stainless steel columns and I designed a plant system that takes up very little soil thickness because it is placed directly on the roof of the operating room.The implementation of the project required 120 tons of sand, 140 tons of earth, 6 tons of blue stone, 420 m2 of draining panels and 300 meters of electric cable.Partners: Emile Verhaegen Architecture Office of Brussels, Maurice Delens Momentary Association, Louis De Waele, Jacques Delens for the works.

Brussels – May 2017

This garden was visited by participants of Garden Tales. We realized this garden over two years, coordinating with the complete renovation of the house. The bottom of the garden has only been renovated, with a new lawn and a gravel circle installation with metal edging at the foot of this beautiful tree. Near the house, we added trees and raised the ground by half a meter to connect it to a new staircase. We have designed flower beds with custom shapes. We also laid a lawn in rolls. On the side of the street, we also laid a lawn in rolls and planted hedges, added flower beds along the driveway and set up a splendid magnolia ...

Brussels – April 2017

This garden was visited by participants of Garden Tales. This garden was a dreadful wet plain surrounded by a huge embankment and giant hedges that were stoling 30 square meters to the owners! All this has been transformed into a series of planted terraces. The light effect is particularly appreciable! We also remodeled the field and put a lawn in rolls. A gravel area with metal borders hosts a bench, and a hammock in summer. Other flowerbeds and fruit trees surround the lawn.

Brussels – March 2017

The owner of this garden wanted above all to clear the garden. We laid a new lawn in rolls, laid out the bottom with a gravel space with metal edging, installed a wood shed and carved the two side hedges identically. We also drew space for flowerbeds that the owner planted later.

Flemish Brabant – August 2016

For this apartment located above a business, the terrace had to remain both minimalist and be protected from view. We chose this set of very slim design pots that matched the artificial grass already in place.

Walloon Brabant – March 2016

This large house needed a large, elegant paved parking lot. It was important to balance this large area with large hydrangea beds, underlined by lower plantations.

Brussels – September 2015

Deze tuin werd bezocht door deelnemers van Garden Tales. This garden adjoining an artist's studio is located between two houses and two high pink walls. We continued this set with pink gravel from Italy, small hedges and varied softly flowered beds. A beautiful potted palm comes to sign all. We also installed the lighting.

Brussels – June 2015

This garden was visited by participants of Garden Tales. We have joined the gardens of these two houses to open a large reception area for professional use. The walls have been repainted and trimmed with trellises, flower beds delimited by metal borders have been arranged all around the garden and at the foot of the central tree. We have installed three corten steel bins for various other plantations. A sculpture by Jean-François Jans has been added. The existing terraces were completed by a bed of warm colored gravel. This garden keeps all its depth in the evening, thanks to a new lighting. We have joined the gardens of these two houses to open a large reception area for professional use. The walls have been repainted and trimmed with trellises, flower beds delimited by metal borders have been arranged all around the garden and at the foot of the central tree. We have installed three corten steel bins for various other plantations. A sculpture by Jean-François Jans has been added. The existing terraces were completed by a bed of warm colored gravel. This garden keeps all its depth in the evening, thanks to a new lighting. Several mirrors enlarge the space. This garden was featured in the television show "Jardins et Loisirs".

Brussels – May 2015

In this small meadow in the garden, we organized the view: a hedge doubled with a bed, a bench on a corten steel plate, two trees to frame the bench. We also dressed the garden shed with a carpet of pebbles and plants, encircled by a metal border.

Flemish Brabant – March 2015

The owners of this house in the country wanted to build the front of their house in a very proactive way. We built a terrace with a fence, a staircase, flower beds, lighting in the ground and a paved area for vehicles. We have set up wooden doors to also access directly to the back by the sides of the house. On the sides and at the back, we also went to install flower beds and set up lighting.

Brussels – September 2014

This large terrace on the roofs in the city needed to be highlighted without disturbing the cat ... We have installed large colored polyester bins of different sizes for plantations, and decorated a large wall with a trellis with geometric design to give it a presence.

Passacaille – Brussels 2012

It's a project I designed and coordinated just before starting my own business. This magnificent luxury residence near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was designed and built by EGTA. I realized two different gardens. The first garden is on the edge of residence; it is not accessible to the public. So I put emphasis on the landscape dimension, including a large rectangle of gray gravel to assert its presence. The second garden is in the center of the different buildings of the residence. I therefore favored the circulation of people while creating a dense space of plantations.

Brussels – 2012

It's a project I designed and coordinated for a couple of friends, before starting my own business. This very classic city garden has been designed and decorated as a part of the house: the flower beds are like pretty furniture!

Flemish Brabant – 2012

This garden that I designed before starting my own business is in the countryside. I imagined it as a recreational space with several compartments, playing with a pool, the swimming pool, and the arrangement of plantings of various beds to spare some surprises.

Brussels 2011

This beautifully renovated apartment needed terraces of the same level, despite the limited space. I designed this project before creating my company, investing above all in the quality of the pots and great precision in their implementation. The floor in slabs of Belgian blue stone gives a "garden"touch to the whole. This terrace was featured in the TV show "Jardins et Loisirs".

Walloon Brabant – 2010

For this beautiful property in the countryside, which I took care of before creating my company, the challenge was to arrange the garden in a very structured way without losing the magnificent view. The pool, too close to the house, ended up being moved down. I have multiplied geometric shapes and natural trees, and designed a staircase where the lawn is invited.